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The March Up
The March Up
Bing West and Ray L. Smith
4 stars
Boy Genius
Boy Genius
Lou Dubose, Jan Reid, and Carl M. Cannon
4 stars

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Ryan Naraine’s comment regarding opening unsolicited file attachments is hilarious: “I can’t believe fools still open stray attachments.”
I can’t help but think of Senator Ted Stevens whenever someone mentions bandwidth capacity.
Forget my wish list. I ordered the Amazon Kindle, which should arrive in a few weeks.
Wait, you mean Kindle isn’t Windows based?
Since I’ve recently started using the nightly builds for Firefox, I’ve found two essential preference additions to the Firefox configuration: extensions.checkUpdateSecurity set to false, which allows the installation of extensions that don’t provide secure updates, and extensions.checkCompatibility set to false, which allows the usage of extensions and themes deemed not compatible.
I want a Kindle. In fact, I’ve just added the Kindle to my Wish List. This is the first gadget that I’m yearning to own. I didn’t want an iPod, an iPhone, or a Zune, but for some reason the Kindle calls out to me.
Hmm. There are problems with the “Newer Version” of Gmail? I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. Though, I do wish Gmail had a better mail archiving option than POP.
I have to admit. I like how Yahoo! Sports has finally given MMA and Boxing their own pages. MMA is even listed before Boxing in the top menu of sports, which is fairly indicative of how far Boxing as a sport has fallen.
Microsoft’s Bill Hilf wins the quote of the day: “We just had a bunch of our global account managers in with us, people who handle our super big customers, and they said, these customers don’t even know who Richard Stallman is, they don’t even care.” No love for RMS.
We have yet another reason not to use MySpace and Facebook.
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