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Obama's Wars
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I’ve been wondering why Andrew Morton doesn’t use git for the -mm kernel.
Facebook has a WSOD, White Screen of Death, for application developers.
If Mac OS X were the “anti-Linux” according to InformationWeek’s Alexander Wolfe, how can Mac OS X be “a better Linux” than Linux?
Memory fragmentation? That’s Firefox developer code for “We still don’t have a clue what’s causing the memory leak in Firefox.”
I wonder if Kim Jong Il knows Senator Ted Stevens.
Is Steve Ballmer an authority on anything? He’s one the last people I’d look to for trend identification.
A website I made for my brother, Alexander.
Merely restarting your computer can break Skype. LOL.
Interesting how AT&T fails to take responsibility and squarely places the blame upon the customer.
I’m confused. Is Elizabeth Edwards running for President now? I read more crap about her than John Edwards.
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