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Silicon Gold Rush
Silicon Gold Rush
Karen Southwick
5 stars
The Money Culture
The Money Culture
Michael Lewis
4 stars

Archives » 2008 officially sucks. In the past, my orders would arrive 4 days prior to Amazon’s estimated delivery date. The estimated delivery date for my latest order has come and gone with me empty handed. This is the first time I’ve ever had any sort of problem with an online order in around ten years of shopping online, mostly at Amazon. Amazon’s customer service wants me to wait 5 more days. It’s already been 9, so essentially they expect me to wait two weeks for a delivery that should’ve taken a mere 3 days after the shipment date. I still love my Kindle, though.
Dana Blankenhorn says that PostgreSQL is the “John Edwards of database programs.” Considering my dislike for Sun, PostgreSQL seems awesome about now.
A decentralized Twitter already exists. It’s called a blog. If you use WordPress, you can blog by email for a Twitter like experience less the social networking aspects.
Steve Jobs doesn’t learn from history, even his own. There’s a reason Apple isn’t dominant in personal computing. Hint to Jobs: the key is to dominate the software platform, not control both hardware and software. Google has learned from Apple’s mistakes and took a page right out of the Microsoft Windows playbook with Android. History is merely repeating itself. Instead of Windows and IBM PC clones, insert Android and the rest of the cellular phone manufacturers.
What sort of company is Sun Microsystems? Hardware or Software? Server or workstation? Operating System? Database?
Brian Lam, Gizmodo’s editor, should look up the meaning of integrity.
With Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance on 60 Minutes, the top may be in for Facebook. If only Facebook were a public company, then I’d be tempted to short it.
Microsoft Windows Vista must be pretty bad for there to be a Save Windows XP campaign. Of all the Windows OSes, Win2K is my favorite. I have yet to try Vista though.
Did Senator Hillary Clinton really win the New Hampshire primary? Sure, she won the popular vote, but both Clinton and Senator Barack Obama gained the same number of delegates of 9.
What happened to release early and often? I wish WordPress 2.4 wouldn’t be skipped. Push the release back, but don’t skip a version number.
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