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Three of my planned seven days into my Google Chrome experiment, I have switched back to Firefox. I just couldn’t stand Chrome anymore.
Brett Favre has apparently retired again. I’d say good for Minnesota. All Brett does is lose the big game.
A switch to Chromium from Google Chrome wasn’t a good idea. Chromium doesn’t support the importing of my beloved keywords that I have grown so dependent upon these last few years.
I need to remember not to watch a flash video in fullscreen with Google Chrome because once I exit out of fullscreen I lose picture.
Unbelievable! Google Chrome is more of a resource hog than Firefox. I should switch back to Firefox, but I’ve decided to give Chrome a week.
Flash seems to crash Google Chrome as much as Firefox.
So I finally got around to opening my copy of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock last night and what did I find out when I started the game? I can’t use my Rock Band 2 guitar with Guitar Hero III. I resorted to playing 4 songs in career mode on easy with my Xbox 360 controller.
Firefox has become so unstable since the FarmVille update that I’m forced to try Google Chrome.
I have effectively reallocated the time I used to spend listening to video game podcasts to watching Korean Starcraft match replays and Netflix.
Between Korean Starcraft match replays, a few Starcraft 2 Beta tournaments, Battlefield Arcadia 13, and West Coast Warzone 2, I think I’ve watched over 24 hours worth of competitive gaming online video this weekend.
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