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Obama's Wars
Obama's Wars
Bob Woodward
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Chris Anderson
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Maybe Sony should concentrate on convincing console gamers about Move before going after PC gamers.
Should OpenSolaris Die? Yes. I’ve tried OpenSolaris a few times and wasn’t impressed with the operating system or the, so called, community. Sun was the community. Without Sun, there’s no OpenSolaris.
Jimmy Johnson is on the Survivor Nicaragua cast? I might actually watch Survivor again. I stopped watching Survivor after All-Stars. Even then, I’ve only really watched the first, second, third, seventh, and eighth seasons.
Treyarch sure knows how to copy Infinity Ward. Now that Infinity Ward is gone, who is Treyarch going to leech off from for the game after Black Ops?
Ken Foss is a douche. He’s one of those guys who would’ve just stood there and done nothing.
I never understood Google Wave. I suppose that’s probably why Google Wave is no more. People didn’t understand it.
A random closing list item tag and a random closing unordered list tag in my archive list plugin seemed to fix my markup validation errors. Fixing the errors has got me thinking of going from XHTML 1.1 to HTML 5.0 markup.
Shaq signing with the Boston Celtics all but assures the Miami Heat the Eastern Conference. Shaq will bog down the Celtics’ offense to the half court much like how he shutdown the Cleveland Cavaliers’ run game last season.
I wish I had a computer good enough to run StarCraft II.
I’ve always wanted to try Drupal, but I haven’t found a way to replicate my permanent link structure.