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The World is Flat
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John McCain‘s campaign logo looks quite similar to the Thomson Corporation‘s logo.
My favorite dunk from the All Star 2008 Slam Dunk Contest is Dwight Howard’s first dunk in the final where he tosses the ball and then taps the ball off the backboard with his left hand prior to dunking with his right.
Folding my shirts just got easier.
Complaints about “too many security fixes” are hilarious. So, you’d rather be vulnerable to known exploits than go through the trouble of updating?
I shall cease linking to Yahoo! News stories, since the links are not permanent. Stupid me thought that because the stories appeared on Yahoo! News their respective links would live on forever. Only now, after clicking on a link from an old post, do I find out that Yahoo! News’ links expire.
You have to endure 5 reboots to install Windows Vista SP1. Geez.
I’m still staying away from Facebook.
I want a Tesla Roadster.
The merging of two big losers in an industry only creates a bigger loser. I fail to see how Microsoft and Yahoo! can beat Google together when both are failing on their own.
Instead of yet another hack to make sure a web page look correctly under Microsoft Internet Explorer, IE should be solely standards compliant and force website designers to get rid of Internet Explorer hacks in their markup.
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